Hillsdale Christian Academy & Preschool is a Christian School in Citrus Park, FL (near Tampa and Westchase) that provides a variety of activities and learning opportunities for your child. Our primary purpose is to help children grow spiritually, socially, physically, intellectually, and creatively in Christian surroundings as a supplement to the home environment. HCA is a VPK provider as well.  Our staff is well qualified and will work hard to create a loving, Christian atmosphere conducive for your child’s development. Our classrooms use a variety of teaching techniques from traditional instruction to learning centers to hands on learning through good, old fashioned play!


For over 50 years, Hillsdale Baptist Church has stood for excellence and commitment. It is with that same spirit that we founded Hillsdale Preschool (K2-K4 including VPK) in August of 2005. Since then we have grown and have added Elementary, Middle and High School grade levels to our Citrus Park Christian school.

Citrus Park Christian School


We understand that the preschool and elementary years are a vital time of development. Our dedicated staff will take care to ensure that your child will be ready to face the challenges and possess the skills necessary for future development.

  • Tenured Teachers
  • Bright, comfortable, safe learning environment
  • Multiple methods of learning
  • Challenging curriculum within the realm of the ability of each age group

Westchase Christian School
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1. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly Christian.

Through Christ-centered curriculum, our teachers guide the students to grow both academically and spiritually.

2. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly safe and secure.

The building is secure and all visitors and guests are screened before entering the facility. Nothing is more important than the safety of our students.

3. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly privileged with excellent, tenured teachers.

Each teacher at Hillsdale is trained and qualified to teach your child in a loving and kind way.

4. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly affordable.

It is our sincere desire that anyone be able to afford tuition at Hillsdale.  With many Christian, Private and Preparatory Schools pricing themselves to an elite clientele, we believe that an excellent, college prep academic education ought to be affordable to anyone who desires to see their child excel at half the price!

Through the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program (VPK), the Step Up for Students Scholarship, or the giving of God’s people at Hillsdale Baptist Church, it is possible for your child to attend HCA! What God orders, He pays for, every time! Come and let us make it work for you!

5. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly Goal-Oriented.  

HCA exists for the total training of each student: mentally (academically), socially, physically, and most of all, spiritually.  Each teacher works intensely and rigorously through the curriculum to prepare each student for today, Junior High School, High School, College, and beyond.  Each course is taught and guided from a Christian, Biblical and accurate perspective.

  • Bible: Each class participated in a daily Bible class where the principles of Scripture are taught and applied to everyday life in a clear and age-appropriate way.
  • Math: God is a God of order and has established everything to reflect His glory.
  • Science: God is the Creator of all things and holds all things together according to His will. His world sufficiently points us to Him.
  • History: It truly is His story as He providentially works in the hearts and lives of mean to accomplish His perfect ill.
  • English: Language arts are learned and mastered to prepare each student with the ability and privilege to become a surrendered mouthpiece for the King of Kings.
  • Physical Education: Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and students are instructed for the purpose of experiencing greater health for ministry both today and tomorrow.
  • Fine Arts Training: Each student will be given the opportunity to grow as they learn to glorify God through the talents and abilities He has given each one.   As a member of the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS), students compete in a State Level competition in fine art categories such as music, drama, speech, individual music categories including instrumental and vocal, art, photography, and Bible teaching and preaching.

6. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly focused on  the extras.

Elementary special classes include Physical Education, Band, Music / Choir, Art, and Spanish.

7. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly privileged with excellent, tenured teachers.

Each teacher at Hillsdale is trained and qualified to teach your child in a loving and kind way.

8. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly Patriotic.

As the home of Patriots, our goal is to help each student possess a love for our great country and for those who lead and defend our nation.  Students pledge and sing the national anthem daily, pray for our leaders, and seek to understand and uphold our Constitution.

9. Hillsdale Christian Academy is distinctly for YOU. 

Hillsdale Christian Academy is a ministry of Hillsdale Baptist Church, yet our enrollment is open.  A great school is a diverse school, and HCA is exactly that.  While other schools are twice as much as Hillsdale Christian Academy, we strive to make your child’s education everything it can be without breaking the bank.   Our teachers have helped many students over the years to learn English as a second language through loving and patient guidance.  Life is full of wonderful people, and we count it a privilege to have many ethnic backgrounds represented in our student body.

While enrollment is considered open, HCA still requires that a certain standard of behavior be modeled by each student.  Students are evaluated academically as well as socially as a part of our enrollment process.  We consider it a privilege to serve your family, and working together in harmony and with purpose helps us to achieve our goals for each student.