Why Your Child Should Read The Bible

Why Your Child Should Read The Bible

It is unfortunate that so few families are reading the Bible. Children grow up in an environment where they are surrounded by screens instead of books, which affects their hearts just as much if not more than it does ours.

Nine out ten households own a bible but very few actually dust off their copy for regular reading- this includes adults too because when mom or dad isn’t talking scriptures at dinner time then who knows what kind influence might seep into those little heads? The world has been working overtime trying to capture our kids’ attention. Children spend an average of 3 hours each day watching videos and playing games on devices, it is time to unplug our children and introduce them to the joys of reading the Bible.

Five Reasons Why Your Family Should Make Reading the Bible a Daily Habit

The Bible Can Shape What a Child Loves

When we love the things that God loves, then our hearts will be drawn to worship and obey Him. When children see their parents loving each other or serving others in need it is easier for them to desire a similar life when they are older because of all relationships being built on Christ’s sacrifice which gives hope that even though there may still remain sin within us despite doing everything right by faith – God promises forgiveness if only meet His requirements!
When raising kids ages 3-6, using Bible stories help teach morals such as honesty, kindness and forgiveness.

Spending Time in God’s Word Encourages Gratitude and Calms an Anxious Mind

We all have so much to be thankful for, but we frequently neglect the things that make our lives wonderful. God’s word is like an oversized magnifying glass and His love can be seen in every part of it; without this perspective on life everything gets blurry! It’s hard with kids these days who are dealing not only unprecedented levels anxiety too – helping them see how good they’ve got it by spending time reading scripture will help put peace into their hearts instantaneously

God’s Word Isn’t Fake News

Jesus said that we would be like sheep without a shepherd. The Bible is the ultimate guide for our lives, and God wants to use it in your life too.

The guidance of scripture can help you make smart decisions about what’s really important today – whether or not those things align with popular opinion online isn’t always clear-cut Tik-Tok fame; staying true despite peer pressure from friends who think differently than us.

Help Your Child Know Who God Is

When we spend time in God’s word, it helps us know God better and understand what type of person He is. This knowledge leads to a closer relationship with Him where trust lies at its center; trusting His love for you will lead your life into an ocean full of obedience.

God’s Word is The Best Defense

God’s word offers parents a strategy in the battle against their children’s enemies. These are lies, temptations and negative influences that try to capture them for themselves! There should be no doubt about it we’re up against something evil with this generation of kids who seem more susceptible than any before us (1 Peter 5:8). Technology has made its way into every aspect of our lives; social media sites can quickly turn towards deprivation if not monitored closely enough.

So what would happen if the Bible became the most read book in nine out of ten households? The answer is simple. Lives would change. Families would be strengthened, marriages saved and communities transformed as people encountered Jesus Christ through His Word. We believe that this could be a reality and are committed to helping make it happen.

Eric Peterman
Eric Peterman