Why Children Should Go To Preschool

Why Children Should Go To Preschool

When you think of preschool, what do you see? Is it classrooms full of small children, spilled paint, and scribbled coloring sheets? Research shows that preschool may be more beneficial to your young child than what you might think.

According to recent Research, children who attend preschool are less likely to need special education services or be held back a grade. In addition, children at a quality pre-K program are more likely to earn wealth and avoid trouble with law enforcement.

Children gain a lot from going to preschool. It isn’t just learning letters, colors, numbers, and shapes. It is developing the whole child intellectually as well as socially. They learn to get along with others, boundaries, sharing, and following structured instructions.

The benefits of a structured preschool environment far outweigh arguments against it, A recent article from earlychildhoodeducationzone.com lists these benefits.

  • Fulfills curiosity which positively impacts academic performance.
  • Builds a desire to learn well past preschool age. It develops a lifelong love of learning and reading.
  • Gives children daily physical activity.
  • Provides a head start in social development.
  • Building of trust in other children and adults.
  • Learn discipline and structure, balanced with fun.
  • Improves foundation reading and math skills.
  • Fosters independence and self-esteem.
  • Less likely to be sad or unhappy.
  • Benefits children from all socio-economic groups, and leads to improved overall academic achievement.

At Hillsdale Christian Academy and Preschool, we have the unique opportunity to teach children not only academically but also spiritually. While we strive to develop the whole child academically and socially, we know the value of a spiritual foundation that is so necessary in the early years.

I recently had the chance to interview a current parent about why Christian education is so important and what sets Hillsdale Christian Preschool apart from other schools.

Why is Christian education so important in the early years?

I feel that Christian education is important in the early years because it helps set the foundation of the importance and significance of God’s work. Teaching this in the early years helps set our daughter up for the rest of her life as she continues to build upon her Christianity. “

Why did you choose HCA?

“I choose HCA because I believed in the administration and staff to provide a positive, caring and loving environment for my daughter while teaching her in a Christ-based school.”

What sets HCA apart from other schools you visited?

“Each staff member I came in contact with at HCA was very welcoming, prioritzed getting to know me and my family and was very willing to serve in any way possible. Other things I really love include:

  • The security the school has in place for drop off/pick-up; background checks required for volunteers was a huge plus.
  • The cleanliness and organization of the school and classrooms.
  • The great referrals from several friends whose children have attended HCA.

What advice would you offer a parent searching for the best school for their young child?

“Interview and visit every school, do your homework and understand what mission of the school is to make sure it aligns with yours for your child, check referrals, choose an environment in which your child will do well in, trust your instinct.”

The Hillsdale Christian Academy preschool classrooms are where our youngest students discover, learn, and grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and academically.

In our program, children learn through intentional instruction and independent, play-based learning that incorporates God’s word and His love for them. Learning activities in phonics, reading, writing, math, Bible, science, social studies, music, and art are integrated into the weekly curriculum, while daily prayer and Bible lessons encourage each child’s spiritual growth. We encourage kids to be kids with inside and outside playing every day.

Emily Hayden from Rasmussen College reminds us “It’s understandable if you’ve been skeptical of the value of preschool education—children at this age are so little, and the things they’re learning seem relatively simple. But as you know now, there’s more that goes into teaching preschool children. The time kids spend in pre-K programs is used to develop a foundation for a lifetime of learning—and that matters!”

Eric Peterman
Eric Peterman