Why Are Teachers Important

Why Are Teachers Important

Think about the last time you saw a teacher. What did they do for you? For many of us, teachers are the people who help mold us into the adults we become. They teach us not only about academics but also about life. Teachers play a vital role in our society and should be appreciated for all they do! So, let’s discuss the importance of their being and why they are so vital to our communities.

One thing that really stands out when thinking about teachers and why they are so essential is the role they play specifically in education. Education is critical for individuals and society as a whole to grow and thrive. Teachers are the ones who help deliver that education to students, whether it be in a physical classroom, an after-school care program, a tutoring session, or online. They work tirelessly to ensure that their students have the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in life.

Did you realize, we spent more time in school than at home every year?

Education is Key In So Many Aspects of Our Lives.

In all things we do, it requires a certain level of skill sets which always leads back to the basics of what we have learned in the school system. Education is the cornerstone of any successful society and good teachers are the backbone of a good education system. They play a vital role in shaping young minds and preparing them for the future. Teachers help to ensure that we have an educated population.

While there are many important professions out there, teachers hold a special place in our society. They play an essential role in ensuring that we have educated citizens who can grow into adults that are law-abiding, and also equipped with the mind to stand up for what is right and to silence the things that are indeed wrong.

Imagine a world with no occupation responsible for education. What would that even look like?

Let's Take a Moment to Be Completely Honest...

If you had to be responsible for your child(ren’s) knowledge, would they be successful? If YOUR parent was in charge of your education, would you be where you are?

While some people are more than capable of teaching themselves and their children, most people are not. This is where teachers come in to fill that vital role for our society.

So today, let’s remember to hold our teachers up on the pedestal they DESERVE to be placed on. Just being honest, they are the occupation that should be receiving those million dollar salaries…but that’s another conversation for another day.

Eric Peterman
Eric Peterman