Questions To Ask When Choosing A School For Kindergarteners

Questions To Ask When Choosing A School For Kindergarteners

Choosing a school can be difficult, and surviving a bad choice can be incredibly stressful. So how can parents best navigate the school selection process? 

Let’s face it, easily comparable statistics, like high average test scores, don’t matter for a child’s spiritual well-being. It’s essential to consider both academic and spiritual qualities in schools. 

At Hillsdale Christian Academy, we understand the importance of finding the right Christian education for your children. We know that this is a decision that is not taken lightly by godly parents. And we want to help.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right School for Your Kindergartner

  1. What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses in learning? When is my kindergartner at their best? 
  2. What do I believe learning looks like? What kind of things do I want my child to learn? How will I know when my child is learning?
  3. What does a successful or good school look like? 
  4. What kind of relationship do I want with my kindergartner’s school or a teacher? What are my expectations of a school? 
  5. What are my family values? Does the school align with those values?
  6. What are my top priorities in my kindergartner’s education? What do I believe is the purpose of education? 
  7. What is my role in educating my child? How can I support them in their learning?


Important Questions to Ask The Christian School

  1. How will you share the Bible & Christian teachings with my child in your classroom? 

At Hillsdale Christian Academy, we do this in many ways. We pray for each child, and the children are encouraged to pray too. We also have chapel once a week with various speakers from our staff and faculty. This time of singing, teaching, and interaction around the Word of God gives another outlet for students to hear truths to help them learn and grow in the Lord. 

We also teach all subjects from a biblical perspective. Whether the subject is math, reading, art, or science, God and the biblical truth are central to each lesson. Every day at Hillsdale, we are pointing the children to the throne of God, the truth of the Scriptures, and the hope in Jesus Christ.


  1. How is play incorporated into the classroom and school environment?

Studies have shown that five and six-year-olds can focus for 15 to 20 minutes maximum. Most kindergarten programs avoid asking children to sit for more than 20-30 minutes. Young children (some studies suggest until at least age 8!) learn best through play. 

At Hillsdale, we know that little learners learn best through play. Through play, children learn to create connections with others, share, negotiate, and resolve conflicts. This is incorporated into the daily curriculum, where students are encouraged to role play in their daily center time.


  1. How will my child know that he/she is loved and cared for in your classroom? 

Students feel love in many different ways. Good teachers quietly discern that way and try to connect in that manner. 

Each day, your child will be nurtured, engaged, encouraged, challenged, reminded of expectations, and given grace when they slip up. We take every opportunity to help children see themselves as children of the one true God, and from there, each student will know they are loved.


How to Choose the Right School

Hang in there as you go through the process of picking a Christian school for your kindergartner. We know kindergarten is a wonderful year, and over the course of the school year, your child will develop a love for learning!

At Hillsdale, kindergartners can learn, grow, and shine. When they excel in a subject area, we encourage them to give God the glory. And if they are having difficulty, they learn that God is there to help, often through their teachers and classmates. 

Eric Peterman
Eric Peterman