Identifying Learning Styles

Identifying Learning Styles

How do you help your children learn? Do you rely on flashcards and worksheets, or do you let them explore and discover at their own pace? There are many different ways to teach children, and one of the most important things to consider is their learning style.

What Works Best For Your Little One?

It is important to identify your child’s learning style as soon as possible. This will help them learn and retain information more effectively.
There are three main types of learning styles:

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic

Some children prefer one type of learning more than the others. If you know your child’s preferred learning style, you should be sure that you adapt teaching methods to fit their needs.
So now, let’s get into the three different styles of learning one by one.

Visual Learning Style

This learning style applies to children who learn best through sight. They prefer to see things in order to understand them. These children are usually very good at retaining information that is written down or shown to them.
Ways to help a child with a visual learning style include:

  • Using flashcards
  • Drawing pictures of what you are trying to explain
  • Writing things out

The student that benefits more from the visual learning method is one who finds it hard to fully understand a lesson based on listening alone to their instructor.

Auditory Learning Style

Some children on the other hand are auditory learners. This means that they learn best through listening. These children usually do not like to be interrupted when learning and prefer to have one-on-one instruction time with the teacher.
Ways to help an auditory learner include:

  • Repeating information back to the teacher
  • Having a discussion about the material after

The student that finds it more appealing to learn based on hearing information will more than likely find it easier to remember what was said as opposed to what they read.
and last but not least,

Kinesthetic Learning Style

When your child finds learning to be harder when they have to listen and take notes or even if watching their teacher write notes on the board for them to follow, then your child is more than likely a kinesthetic learner. When children are kinesthetic learners they understand and remember information the best when they are able to use all of their senses and “do” something with the information.
Ways to help a kinesthetic learner include:

  • Allowing them to get up and move around while learning or during class
  • Incorporating fun activities or games into the learning

The bottom line, everyone learns differently, using different methods. It is also important to note that children can be a combination of learning styles and not just one or the other. It is also possible for children’s learning styles to change as they get older. The best way to make sure your child is learning and applying tools to advance their learning is by constantly trying new things and monitoring their progress.

After reading, do you know for a fact you can identify your child’s learning style?

Eric Peterman
Eric Peterman