Grandparents Day Photos and Only 3 Days Left Until…

Grandparents Day Photos and Only 3 Days Left Until…

Friday, February 9, we had another fantastic Grandparents Day here at Hillsdale Christian Academy! Here are some of the highlights and photos from the day, plus a reminder that time is running out on another big event…

Highlights from Grandparents Day included:

  • Nearly 300 people participated!
  • Oldest grandparent was 85!
  • Grandparents that traveled the farthest were from Columbia.
  • The most Grandparents’ Days attended at HCA by one person was 8
  • Grandparents enjoyed a program, snacks, in-room activities, and the book fair

Check out the Grandparents Day photos below!

Book Fair Ends Friday February 16

Speaking of the book fair, it ends this Friday, which means you only have 3 days left to look through all the fun and interesting books we have on hand and purchase some for your students.  (Hint – books make great birthday gifts and give students something good to do over spring break.)

The book fair is open every day from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. Cash, check, or credit card are all accepted. Parents are more than welcome to come during the school day or to stay after the school day and check out the book fair with their students.

Grandparents Day and the Scholastic Book Fair are two great examples of the kids of enrichment activities Hillsdale provides as one of the best Tampa Christian Schools and Tampa preschools.

Tampa Christian School - Grandparents Day

Citrus Park Christian School - Grandparents Day

Westchase Preschool - Grandparents Day

Tampa Preschool - Grandparents Day

Tampa Christian School - Book Fair

Eric Peterman
Eric Peterman