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7 Tips for Raising Independent Children

7 Tips for Raising Independent Children

Raising children is one of the most challenging tasks a parent can face.
It’s even more difficult when you’re trying to raise independent children. Independent children are self-sufficient and can take care of themselves. They try not to be reliant on their parents for everything, and they are able to solve problems on their own.
If you’re struggling to raise independent children, don’t worry – we have 7 tips that will help!
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HCA Online: School Open – Building Closed

HCA Online: School Open – Building Closed

Mr. Roy Hobson teaches 5th grade to an empty classroom as Hillsdale Christian Academy goes online today for e-learning. The students can all see and hear Mr. Hobson online and it is class as usual…for the most part.

Utilizing the zoom conferencing app, our academy classes are under way and students are learning once again. Our staff went through an extensive training to be sure we were up to the task and so far, it has been a great start.

Hillsdale Christian Academy is so thankful for our amazing teachers who can enrich the lives of our students even over the internet.

We love our families and cannot wait to be together again at school and a student body. Until then, we are thankful for resources that allow us to continue serving our families. To God be the glory.

HCA Beyond the Box –  A Good Night Story

HCA Beyond the Box – A Good Night Story

Mrs Walker, our first grade teacher at Hillsdale Christian Academy, is thinking out of the box as she reaches her students beyond the classroom.

Teaching life principles through Christ-centered curriculum is one of the distinctives of our training at HCA. Touching the hearts of each student is also a distinctive at HCA and Mrs. Walker did just that.

Huddled around their computers, the first grade students enjoyed a bed time story with Mrs. Walker and her friends. Puppet friends joined her on the screen as she told a story and wished her students a good night’s sleep. Being out of the classroom has not stopped Mrs. Walker from reaching her students right where they are.

It is these little heart-touches and character-impacts that happen along life’s way that make the eternal difference. Thank you, Mrs. Walker, for loving and caring for our families so much. We love you.

We are now enrolling for next year and invite you to stop by and see the difference that Hillsdale can make for your family.

HCA Supports and Loves Our Troops

HCA Supports and Loves Our Troops

The student body at HCA poses in support of our military!  Hillsdale Christian Academy was privileged to have a flag flown in our honor on August 5, 2019, aboard a special operations aircraft during a combat mission over Iraq.  This mission was a direct support of Operation Inherent Resolve and the fight against ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

It is with great honor and privilege that this flag will be framed and hung in the main hallway at Hillsdale Christian Academy.  It will be visible so that our families and students can remember to pray for our troops each time they pass this display.  The HCA family extends our gratitude and thanks to our dear friends in the military for their constant vigilance and protection of our country and freedom.

May God bless our troops, both past and present.

May God bless America.





Parents and Staff,
As Dorian’s path continues to develop, it appears that much of the Tampa Bay area will be spared from the affects of this storm. 
HCA will be OPEN for School on Tuesday, September 3.  All early care and after care programs will be running normal schedules as well. 
It is our prayer that this storm continues to stay well out of our area, however, we are continuing to monitor this storm.  If the track shifts farther to the west, and it appears that it may directly affect our weather and the safety of our families, we will update you via My School Worx, Facebook, and the Website at that time.
As always, the safety and security of your children is top priority. If you feel it in the best interest for your child’s safety to remain at home on Tuesday, this will be treated as an excused absence.
Please do not hesitate to reach out via the mentioned platforms if you have any questions.   We will always keep you informed. 
HCA Administration