5 Practical Ways to Give Thanks

5 Practical Ways to Give Thanks

I love Thanksgiving. The turkey baking. Potatoes flying out of the bowl because a child decided to pull the hand mixer out of the bowl before the beaters stopped spinning. The smell of piping hot rolls just out of the oven. Beautiful Fall centerpieces. Most of all I love the people around my table. The memories and places they all hold in my heart.

Thanksgiving is often a time for “counting our blessings”, but our ability to give thanks doesn’t always depend on how many blessings we have to count. We have the ultimate blessing: A relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Whitney Hopler from Crosswalk.com lists 5 practical ways to incorporate the practice of giving thanks to God into your life as a regular spiritual discipline:

  1. Look beyond your circumstances to God’s presence.
  2. Develop daily rituals you enjoy that help you notice God’s work in your life.
  3. Keep souvenirs of past times when God has answered your prayers.
  4. Learn how to be content in any kind of circumstance.
  5. Pay your blessings forward by giving to others in need.

We are thankful for the community of Hillsdale Christian Academy. The students, parents, volunteers, teachers, staff, administrators, and pastors of our Tampa Christian School are the blessings we call family. As we gather around our tables this Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for our individual blessings. May we ever be mindful of the ultimate blessing we have in our relationship with Christ, and cultivate the practice of giving thanks to God in all things.

Eric Peterman
Eric Peterman